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(Interton VC 4000, Elektor TV Games Computer, et al.)

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AmiArcadia 32.8 AmigaOS 3 5/7/24 emulator/(dis)assembler 7,853K LhA readme
AmiArcadia 32.8 AmigaOS 4 5/7/24 emulator/(dis)assembler 8,434K LhA readme
AmiArcadia 32.71 MorphOS 25/6/24 emulator/(dis)assembler 8,196K LhA readme
DroidArcadia (program binary) 3.0 Android 2/6/24 emulator 5,929K APK readme
DroidArcadia (source code) 3.0 Android 2/6/24 emulator 371K RAR readme
Super Bug Advance 1.3 English GBA 11/9/09 emulator 71K ZIP readme
WinArcadia (program binary) 32.81 Windows 7/7/24 emulator/(dis)assembler 5,893K RAR readme
WinArcadia (source code) 32.81 Windows 7/7/24 emulator/(dis)assembler 5,427K RAR readme

Software to run on Signetics-based platforms is in the Packs section (eg. Games Pack, Enhancements Pack, Homebrews Pack).


Boxes English 26/11/22 417,395K GIF/JPEG contents Photos/scans of various game boxes.
Boxes 26/11/22 135,798K JPEG/PNG contents Photos/scans of various game boxes.
Cartridges English 26/11/22 220,917K GIF/JPEG contents Photos/scans of various game cartridges.
Cartridges 24/11/22 53,644K JPEG contents Photos of various game cartridges.
Catalogues 24/11/22 16,609K GIF/JPEG contents Scans of catalogues for various systems.
Catalogues 24/11/22 20,244K JPEG contents Scans of catalogues for various systems.
Combined English 24/11/22 24,360K JPEG contents Photos of various hardware/boxes/overlays/carts/manuals.
Combined English 24/11/22 85,965K JPEG contents Photos of various hardware/boxes/overlays/carts/manuals.
Disassemblies English 31/3/24 10,582K ASM/GIF/LST/PDF/RTF contents Human-commented disassemblies/source code of various games.
Documents English 30/11/22 56,142K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents 30/11/22 73,475K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents 30/11/22 58,512K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents English 30/11/22 170,799K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents English 30/11/22 190,336K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents English 30/11/22 27,475K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents 30/11/22 192,545K RAR contents Various documents.
Documents 30/11/22 21,725K RAR contents Various documents.
Enhancements English 12/12/22 64K BIN/PGM contents Enhanced or compatibility-patched binaries of various games.
Games 2/6/24 2,781K BIN/EOF/MDCR/PRO/RAW/TVC contents Dumped games and utilities.
Hardware English 24/11/22 41,866K GIF/JPEG contents Photos of various consoles.
Hardware English 24/11/22 23,070K JPEG contents Photos of various consoles.
Hardware English 24/11/22 4,837K JPEG contents Photos of TVGCs.
Homebrews 8/5/24 1,761K RAR contents Binaries, sources and manuals of homebrew programs.
Inlays German 25/11/22 54,350K JPEG contents Scans of Elektor and Hocosoft record/cassette inlays.
Manuals 25/11/22 429K ASCII/DOC/HTML contents Editable text versions of various game manuals.
Maps - 1/9/10 271K GIF contents Maps of various games.
Overlays English 24/11/22 31,661K GIF/JPEG/PNG contents Scans of controller overlays for various games.
Prototypes English 8/3/23 26,865K RAR'd JPEGs contents Photos of cartridges and manuals for Radofin/Voltmace prototypes.
Schematics 30/11/22 10,955K ZIP contents Various schematics.
Screenshots English 24/11/22 16,624K JPEG contents Photos of various games running on authentic hardware.
Screenshots English 24/11/22 74,002K JPEG contents Photos of various games running on authentic hardware.
Screenshots English 24/11/22 1,772K JPEG contents Photos of various games running on authentic hardware.

Game Manuals

3D Attack English Leonardo 1059K PDF
3D Attack Italian Leonardo 95K PDF
3D Bowling English MPT-03 972K PDF
3D Bowling English Emerson 371K PDF
Air/Sea Attack English Radofin 193K JPEG
Air/Sea Battle Interton 1,919K PDF
Alien Invader English MPT-03 922K PDF
Alien Invaders English Emerson 158K PDF
American Football English Emerson 434K PDF
American Football English MPT-03 696K PDF
Astro Invader English Tunix 184K PDF
Astro Wars Zaccaria 23,580K PDFs
Attack (Reversi) Interton 2,132K PDF
Backgammon Interton 1,853K PDF
Baseball English Emerson 130K PDF
Baseball English MPT-03 1,492K JPEG
Baseball Spanish MPT-03 927K PDF
Basketball English MPT-03 1,003K PDF
Blackjack/Poker English MPT-03 1,279K PDF
Blackjack Interton 2,497K PDF
Bowling/Ninepins Interton 2,066K PDF
Boxeo (Boxing) Spanish TRQ 493K PDF
Boxing English MPT-03 764K PDF
Boxing Dutch Ormatu 264K PDF
Boxing Match Interton 2,665K JPEG
Brain Quiz English Emerson 282K PDF
Breakaway English Emerson 287K PDF
Breakaway English MPT-03 821K PDF
Capture English Emerson 209K PDF
Capture/Othello English MPT-03 1,558K PDF
Car Races Interton 2,286K PDF
Carreras de Caballos (Horse Racing) Spanish TRQ 610K PDF
Carreras de Coches (Car Racing) Spanish TRQ 600K PDF
Casino Interton 2,026K PDF
Cassette 60 Jeux (Paddle Games) French ITMC 1,389K PDF
Cat Track English MPT-03 813K PDF
Cat Trax English Emerson 100K PDF
Caza (Hunting) Spanish TRQ 536K PDF
Chess Interton 2,065K PDF
Chess 2 Interton 1,816K PDF
Circo (Circus) Spanish TRQ 1,007K PDF
Circus Interton 1,971K PDF
Cockpit Interton 1,603K PDF
Combat English MPT-03 834K PDF
Come-Frutas Spanish TRQ 22K PDF
Computer Challenge Dutch Radofin 151K PDF
Computer Challenge German Radofin 168K PDF
Cowboy English Rowtron 1,702K PDF
Crazy Spider - La Araña Loca Spanish TRQ 495K PDF
Devilman the Dot Muncher English MPT-03 897K PDF
Dictionary English Palladium 334K PDF
Doraemon Japanese Bandai 1,476K JPEG
Doraemon (autotranslation) English Bandai 441K JPEG
Draughts Interton 1,631K PDF
Dr. Slump Japanese Bandai 1,461K JPEG
Dr. Slump (autotranslation) English Bandai 433K JPEG
Earth Invasion English Voltmace 1,609K PDF
Escape English Emerson 95K PDF
Flag Capture Interton 2,030K PDF
Flipper Electronique (Pinball) French ITMC 1,018K PDF
Funky Fish English Leonardo 80K PDF
Funky Fish English Tunix 207K PDF
Futbol (Soccer) Spanish TRQ 1,007K PDF
Galactic Space Battles English Rowtron 32K PDF
Golf Interton 1,782K PDF
Golf Spanish TRQ 516K PDF
Guerra de las Galaxias (Space War) Spanish TRQ 700K PDF
Guerra de Tanques y Aviones (Combat) Spanish TRQ 746K PDF
Head On English Fountain 34K PDF
Hippodrome Interton 1,972K PDF
Hobby Computer French Occitane 31,977K PDF
Hobby Module English Radofin 43,419K PDF/JPEG/HTML
Hunting Interton 1,825K PDF
Hyperspace Interton 1,675K PDF
Intelligence 1 Interton 1,832K PDF
Intelligence 2 Interton 1,504K PDF
Intelligence 3 Interton 1,596K PDF
Invaders Interton 2,070K PDF
Invaders English Radofin 27K PDF
Invasores (Invaders) Spanish TRQ 468K PDF
Jeu d'Echec (Chess 2) French ITMC 1,690K PDF
Jagen (Hunting) German Hocosoft 43K PDF
Juego de Cartas - Blackjack Spanish TRQ 404K PDF
Laberinto (Labyrinth) Spanish TRQ 610K PDF
Laser Attack English Fountain 31K PDF
Lazarian English Zaccaria 2,210K PDF
Math/Logic English MPT-03 1,559K PDF
Mathematics 1 Interton 2,261K PDF
Mathematics 2 Interton 2,879K PDF
Melody/Simon Interton 2,511K PDF
Metropolis/Hangman Interton 1,569K PDF
Missile War English Emerson 67K PDF
Missile War English MPT-03 706K PDF
Monster-Man Interton 1,684K PDF
Monster Munchers English Rowtron 206K PDF
Motocross Interton 1,755K PDF
Munch & Crunch English Voltmace 96K PDF
Nibblemen English MPT-03 1,163K PDF
Nibblemen Dutch Ormatu 451K PDF
Ocean Battle (partial) English Emerson 119K PDF
Olympics English Radofin 67K PDF
Organo Musical - Simon (Musical Games) Spanish TRQ 1,238K PDF
Othello Spanish TRQ 405K PDF
Outer Space Interton 1,852K PDF
Paddle Games Interton 1,720K PDF
Parashooter English MPT-03 742K PDF
Parashooter Dutch Ormatu 213K PDF
Pinball Interton 2,119K PDF
Planet Defender English Fountain 265K PDF
R2D Tank English Tunix 346K PDF
Reversi French ITMC 1,261K PDF
Shoot Out English Fountain 245K PDF
Soccer English Emerson 71K PDF
Soccer Interton 3,177K JPEG
Solitaire Interton 1,732K PDF
Space Attack English Emerson 139K PDF
Space Attack English Tunix 148K PDF
Space Mission English Emerson 138K PDF
Space Mission English MPT-03 934K PDF
Space Raiders English Emerson 147K PDF
Space Vultures English Emerson 353K PDF
Spiders English Tunix 231K PDF
Star Chess English Leisure-Vision 377K PDF
Super Bug English MPT-03 2,503K PDF
Super Invaders Interton 1,711K PDF
Super Knockout English Radofin 284K PDF
Super Maze English Acetronic 9,392K PDF
Super-Space Interton 1,834K PDF
Super Sport 60 (Paddle Games) Spanish TRQ 681K PDF
Tank Battle/Air Battle Interton 3,570K PDF
Tank/Plane Battle English Radofin 194K PDF
Tanks a Lot English Emerson 139K PDF
The End English Tunix 195K PDF
Winter Sports Interton 1,610K PDF

Signetics/Philips Application Notes

AS50: Serial Input/Output 478K
AS51: Bit & Byte Testing Procedures 106K
AS52: General Delay Routines 1,288K
AS53: Binary Arithmetic Routines 386K
AS54: Conversion Routines 1,064K
AS55: Fixed Point Decimal Arithmetic Routines 360K
M20: PIPBUG 485K
MP51: 2650 Initialization 123K
MP52: Low Cost Clock Generator Circuits 239K
MP53: Address and Data Bus Interfacing Techniques 726K
MP54: 2650 I/O Structures and Interfaces 285K
SP50: PC1001 3,072K
SP51: 2650 Demo System 1,355K
SP52: Support Software for NCSS Timesharing System 1,475K
SP53: Simulator V1.2 103K
SP54: Support Software for GE Mark III Timesharing System 242K
SS51: Absolute Object Format 576K
TN064: Digital Cassette Interface 1,626K
TN069: 2650 Microprocessor Keyboard Interfaces 841K
TN072: Signetics 2651 PCI 942K
TN084: Using 7-Segment LED Displays 820K
TN085: Cyclic Redundancy Check by Software 378K
TN087: Audio Cassette Recorder Interfaces 1,325K
TN089: CRT Display Using a Standard TV Monitor 1,565K
TN092: 2650 Sorting Routines 1,371K
TN093: 2650 Binary Floating Point Routines 814K
TN094: 2650 BCD Floating Point Routines 1,042K
TN132: 2656 CP1002 System Memory Interface 2,548K


2114 RAM datasheet English - 64K PDF -
2332 & 2616 PROM datasheets English - 161K RAR'd PDFs -
2513 character generator datasheet English - 254K PDF -
2621 USG datasheet English - 79K PDF -
2636 PVI & 2637 UVI datasheets English - 531K RAR'd PDFs -
2650 CPU manual English Signetics 187K AmigaGuide -
2650 CPU manual English Signetics 204K HTML -
2650 CPU manual English Signetics 2,470K PDF errata
2650B CPU datasheet English Signetics 678K PDF -
2708/2716/2732 EPROM datasheets English - 726K RAR'd PDFs -
AY-3-8910 PSG datasheet English - 183K PDF -
Bipolar/MOS Microprocessor Data Manuals (1977 & 1983) English Signetics 17,186K PDF -
CRT-96364 datasheets SMC & Thomson 2,329K RAR'd PDFs -
Integrated Circuits Catalogue 1978/79 (excerpts) English Signetics 3,163K RAR'd PDF contents
UM1285-8 VHF modulator datasheet English Astec 112K PDF -

Other Documents

Byte/ECA Bulletin/Interface Age magazine articles - 4,562K RAR'd PDFs & ASCIIs -
EA2001 mailing list file & message archive English - 69,754K RAR -
EA2001 User & Service Manuals English Emerson 1,454K RAR'd PDFs -
Electronics Australia scans English EA 59,438K RAR'd PDFs & JPEGs -
Fountain Service Manual English Fountain 411K ZIPped PDF -
Gametronics Proceedings 1977 English Signetics et al. 72,979K PDF -
Magazine articles index (8/6/24) Various - 185K XLS readme
Microcomputer Programmierbeispiele mit 2650 German Hofacker 7,250K RAR'd PDF -
MPT-03 User Manual MPT-03 170K RAR'd PDFs -
Radofin 1292 & 1392 User Manuals Radofin 291K RAR'd PDFs -
Schmid User Manuals Schmid 1,250K RAR'd PDFs -
Selbstbaucomputer main book German Ravensburger 51,403K PDF -
TV Games Computer articles (5/12/23) Elektor 149,108K RAR'd PDFs note
µP-Programmierfibel book German Chip 72,673K RAR'd PDF -

Other Pages

Digital Archaeology (mirror)/ (archive)
Coding Guide
Coding Guide
Coding Guide
Coding/Gaming Guide
Gaming Guide
Gaming Guide
Gaming Guide

This is the world's largest site for Signetics-based machines; specifically:

Emerson Arcadia 2001 console family (c. 1982);
Interton VC 4000 console family (c. 1978);
Elektor TV Games Computer (1979);
PIPBUG- and BINBUG-based machines (1977-1978);
Signetics Instructor 50 trainer (1978);
Signetics TWIN minicomputer (1976);
Central Data 2650 computer (1977);
PHUNSY computer (c. 1980);
Ravensburger Selbstbaucomputer aka 2650 Minimal Computer trainer (1984);
Hofacker MIKIT 2650 trainer (1978); and
Malzak 1 and 2 and Zaccaria coin-ops (c. 1979-1981);

About 3Gb is online here. Resources relating to other Signetics-based machines, such as the AMT 2650, B and S Minimap, Philips Odyssey 5000, PoP, Processor Applications Ltd. µPAL 265 SDS, etc., are also sought, to enable support of those machines. All resources are in English unless otherwise noted. All dates are in dd/mm/yy format. Thanks to all whose contributions have made this site possible. If you have anything to contribute for the site, please email us. This page was created on 11/6/05, and last updated on Sunday 7/7/24.

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