Text files related to the Arcadia 2001 console group


System history and games.

FAQ guide

"Frequently Asked Question" guide. (Very detailed!)

"Director's Cut" of DPCG7 "Director's Cut" of Ward Shrake's console group section, as submitted to the editors of Digital Press for inclusion in their seventh edition of the "Digital Press Collector's Guide." (In Microsoft Word format, unlike most other things here.)

ROM image software listing

Rarity list

Sorted by program name. Listed in alphabetical order.

Archiving checklist

Sorted by archival status first, then program name within each sub-group. (Archived, On loan, Confirmed, then Rumored.)

Cartridge software listing

Family type Sorted by "family type" first, then company, then program name.
Company name Sorted by company name first, then program name. Useful to see at a glance if a given company's software list is complete.
Program name Sorted by program name, so that all of the same names are listed together. ("Alien Invaders" from every company, etc.)
Part # Sorted by part number, to compare company and release lists.

Console listings

Family type Sorted by "family type" first, then company name.
Company name Sorted by company name first, then console name.
Console name Sorted by console name.


Glossary The only way to keep straight what researchers are talking about.

Sly's big list

Original text by Sly DC -- which other people added to -- to make both the cart and console listings currently found above.
ROM date codes An unusual type of file, but a useful one for certain things. This is a text which attempts to list all of the manufacturing date codes that are printed on the ROM chips inside Arcadia 2001 carts. (We researchers are using it to find out who made what, when.)
Dated names The same info as the "ROM date code" list, but sorted on the program names, alphabetically, instead of being sorted by date.
Credits A breakdown of "who-archived-what" for this console group.
Messages A list of hidden ASCII messages found in various game programs.


Multicart list 1.2 multicart contents.
Multicart FAQ A "Frequently Asked Questions" guide, about the two multicarts that Ward Shrake created. (One multicart each for the Emerson Arcadia family, and the unrelated Bally Astrocade game system.)
Rather out of date now, but still gives more information about the cartridge library than the simple lists (above) do. If you want more than this list offers, check out the printed Collector's Guide book (version six) that Digital Press publishes, and sells online. The author of this web site (Ward Shrake) wrote the Emerson section in that book, as well as a Commodore VIC-20 section.
Time line A document we are working on, to try to get a good picture of this system's history. Any  solid info we don't have would be appreciated! Especially about the makers of this system.

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