Emerson Arcadia 2001 programs
(Version 1.2)

  • 3-D Bowling
  • 3-D Soccer
  • Alien Invaders
  • American Football
  • Astro Invader
  • Auto Race
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing (Added as of version 1.2)
  • Brain Quiz
  • Breakaway
  • Capture
  • Cat Trax
  • Combat
  • Crazy Climber
  • Crazy Gobbler
  • Escape
  • Funky Fish
  • Golf
  • Grand Prix de Monaco (Added as of version 1.1)
  • Grand Slam Tennis
  • Hobo
  • Horse Racing (Added as of version 1.1)
  • Jump Bug
  • Jungler
  • Missile War
  • Nibblemen (Added as of version 1.2)
  • Ocean Battle
  • Panzerspiel
  • Parashooter (Added as of version 1.2)
  • Pleiades
  • R2D Tank
  • Red Clash
  • Robot Killer
  • Route 16
  • Soccer
  • Space Attack
  • Space Mission
  • Space Raiders
  • Space Squadron
  • Space Vultures
  • Spiders
  • Star Chess
  • Super Gobbler
  • Tanks A Lot
  • The End
  • Turtles

Coming soon:
These carts will be loaned to me sometime in the near-ish future (April onwards) for archiving purposes. As of the end of version 1.2, there are still sixteen (16) "empty 8k holes" left at this point, for any new programs we manage to find. (It will be 13 after these three carts below are archived.) If all of those spaces fill up over time, I can retro-fit in the memory organization scheme of the Bally cart, to make better use of some storage space. In other words, there is plenty of room left for software expansion still left on the multicart.

  • Blackjack and Poker (MPT-03)
  • Circus (MPT-03)
  • Dr. Slump (Bandai Arcadia)


  • Many of the games above have never been officially released for the "Emerson" system. This collection is actually far more complete than any "real" collection of carts could be, as it includes various MPT-03 or Palladium games that will play just fine when used on an Emerson system. To have a playable collection of this size without this multicart, you would have to own three different game systems. (See the Emerson Arcadia 2001 FAQ on Ward's web site for an explanation of these cartridge or system families.)
  • To see more info on these carts, see either my Emerson section in the "Digital Press Collectors Guide" version six, or my online cart software lists on my Emerson web site.
  • "Golf" does not work. It came from an MPT-03 cart unlike any we have ever seen. (I am sure that the cartridge ROM image dump was good as I desoldered the two 4k chips from the PC board and read them in directly, instead of using an adapter device.) This unique cart had two bank-select lines that no other MPT-03 cart has ever had. To top it off, we've never seen the actual system it runs on to trace where they go. Long story short, this game does not work properly now, and it will never do so until someone actually rewrites the code of the program to make it work. That isn't likely? I would not hold my breath waiting for it. (It will work in the MESS emulator, but only because a specific work-around was coded up for that game, to get around this problem.)

If you want any additional information be aware that I keep up-to-date,
public lists of what ROM images are or are not available to me at any given
time. These lists include any games rumored to exist, as well as any that have
been confirmed to exist but that have not been archived to our knowledge.
In this way, you can also see what games are "missing" from the multicart.

The Emerson's have/want list (of ROM images) is at this address:

Ward maintains a web site about the Emerson system. See it at: