Links to other "classic video game" web sites

Arcadia 2001 or Interton VC-4000 console groups -- heavy content

Message board on Yahoo! Groups A place for truly hardcore Arcadia 2001 fans and researchers to meet, hang out and discuss the console or its game library.
Classic Consoles Center Dieter Koenig's main retro-gaming web site also has info about the prequel to the Arcadia 2001; see the Interton VC-4000 cart list and his page with Interton VC-4000 game pictures.

Phoenix Video Game Classics

Sylvain "Sly DC" De Chantal's collection of pages related to Pong (in many guises), the Arcadia 2001, Super Vision, and many other individual retro-gaming systems.

Obscure Pixels

Main page of a site by Michael 'Pinwhiz' Davidson. He has a page up about "New Zealand's Emerson Arcadia clones" and a page up with info and pictures of Interton VC-4000 clones.

A virtual museum of older computers and videogame systems.

MPT-03 consoles Bill LaGrue's web site, with screenshots, etc.

Arcadia 2001 or Interton VC-4000 console groups -- some related contents

Strange and Rare "The Strange (and Rare) Video Game Pics Page"
Chris Hind's page Has a bunch of cart lists and other coolness for fans of super-obscure consoles.

Greg Chance

An archived copy of the old "History of Home Video Games" site ... many systems covered! The Arcadia info found there is now very badly outdated, but the web site is still pretty cool.

Hanimex page

An Italian web page about the Hanimex system.

Bandai games

Japanese site about the Bandai Arcadia system. (I have no idea what the site's text says, but the pictures are interesting!)

Macross games

Site about Macross games... including one Arcadia game.
Pelikonepeijoonit Finland's "Artic Computer and Console Museum"