First Christmas Basque Tournament of Radofin 1292

On Tuesday 28 December 2021, Eusko-Retro Association organized the First Christmas Basque Tournament of Radofin 1292. 8 players met in Bilbao (Basque Country) in the pub called "Jofer", in Santutxu. The owner of the bar allows us to bring our TV and retroconsoles/retrocomputers. He is very nice. Radofin is very similar to the Interton but the cartridges are different and we also have other games, so we will continue organizing tournaments of both consoles. In this tournament, Jonathan (the friend of Luis who is from Ecuador but now lives in Germany) was the best player as he got more points than the others. We played these three games: Spider's Web, Air/Sea Battle and Grand Prix.

The idea is to organize the Second Christmas Basque Tournament of Radofin 1292 in December 2022.


Place Points Spider's Web Air/Sea Battle Grand Prix
1st 8 Jonathan (515) Daniel Barrientos (34) Luis Villamor
2nd 7 Aitor Galda (440) Jonathan (16) Jonathan
3rd 6 Daniel Barrientos (438) Aitor Galda (16) Alvar Alonso
4th 5 Luis Villamor (361) Monica Vaquiero (12) Egoitz Campo
5th 4 Iera Ortega (332) Luis Villamor (12) Monica Vaquiero
6th 3 Egoitz Campo (313) Alvar Alonso (8) Aitor Galda
7th 2 Alvar Alonso (313) Iera Ortega (8) Daniel Barrientos
8th 1 Monica Vaquiero (252) Egoitz Campo (4) Iera Ortega


1st Jonathan 22 points Ecuador
2nd Luis Villamor 17 points Basque Country
3rd Daniel Barrientos 16 points Basque Country
= Aitor Galda 16 points Basque Country
5th Alvar Alonso 11 points Basque Country
6th Monica Vaquiero 10 points Basque Country
7th Egoitz Campo 9 points Basque Country
8th Iera Ortega 7 points Basque Country


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