Fourth Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000

On Saturday 30 October 2021, Eusko-Retro Association organized the Fourth Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000 and all of them enjoyed playing this German console. 5 players met in Bilbao (Basque Country) to play the fourth round of Basque Tournament of Interton.

Unlike last time, we had no trouble tuning the Interton. We used SCART and after turning on the console the image appeared immediately. We played three games: Football, Paddle and Tank Battle. The best thing was that in all the games we played one against one so there was a lot of fun and competition. We laughed a lot and most of the games were very even and close. Playing soccer, Egoitz was the most decisive and won two games, finally beating Andi. In Paddle, on the other hand, Aitor was able to beat Egoitz in the final. Finally we played Tank Battle and in that game Egotiz was once again the best, beating Alex in the final.

Next year, if all goes well, we will organize the fifth round of the Basque Tournament of Interton. We will try to buy new games and encourage new players.


Place Points Football Paddle Points Tank Battle
1st 4 Egoitz Campo Aitor Galda 5 Egoitz Campo
2nd 3 Andi Erromo Egoitz Campo 4 Alex Martinez
3rd 2 Aitor Galda Andi Erromo 3 Aitor Galda
4th 1 Daniel Barrentos Daniel Barrentos 2 Daniel Barrentos
5th 1 Andi Erromo


1st Egoitz Campo 12 points Basque Country
2nd Aitor Galda 9 points Basque Country
3rd Andi Erromo 6 points Basque Country
4th Daniel Barrientos 4 points Basque Country
= Alex Martinez 4 points Nicaragua


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