First Basque Tournament of MPT-03

On Thursday 26 August 2021, we organized the first round of the Basque Tournament of MPT-03. We gathered just three players in Bilbao (Basque Country) to play in the pub called "Bar Barria", in Santutxu.

First we played Atari 2600 and ZX Spectrum and then we started playing MPT-03. Anyway, by then most of the players had gone home. But the three players who participated enjoyed it although the image of one of the games wasn't so good. We played Space Squadron and Nibblemen. First we started playing Space Squadron. Juanjo and Egoitz played and Egoitz got a higher score than Juanjo. Then the three of us played Nibblemen, a good and funny game. Luis played very well and he got many points eating many dots, but Egoitz beat him. Finally the winner of the tournament was Egoitz.

The idea is to buy new games and hope they work well. Next year, probably in February, we will organize a new MPT-03 tournament here in Bilbao.


Place Points Space Squadron Points Nibblemen
1st 2 Egoitz Campo (320) 3 Egoitz Campo (3350)
2nd 1 Juanjo Sinde (0) 2 Luis Villamor (3240)
3rd 1 Juanjo Sinde (100)


1st Egoitz Campo 5 points Basque Country
2nd Luis Villamor 2 points Basque Country
= Juanjo Sinde 2 points Basque Country


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