Third Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000

On Tuesday 6 April 2021, Euskal-Retro organized the third round of the Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000 after the successful tournaments last year. We gathered players in Bilbao (Basque Country) to play the third round. The next day, 7 April, more players joined the tournament and we played the last games of the tournament in Derio (Basque Country).

Like last time, we had problems with the old Interton. Unfortunately the image quality is poor and in a short time the image becomes increasingly blurred. We played with the old one for a while and then decided to switch consoles and start with the new one. A complete success. With the new one the image is clear and you can enjoy the Interton VC 4000 much more.

We played Tank Battle, Hunting, two variants of Paddle Games (nº 3) (football and tennis), and my new cartridge: Air/Sea Battle.

In the next tournament, probably in August or October, we will include new games: Soccer (nº 24), Outer Space Combat (nº 19) and Invaders (nº 32).

Finally the best player was Egoitz but the rest of the players played very well, and most importantly all of them enjoyed it a lot.


Place Points Hunting Air/Sea Battle Points Tank Battle Football (Paddle Games) Tennis (Paddle Games)
1st 3 Lander Campo Egoitz Campo 6 Egoitz Campo Egoitz Campo Egoitz Campo
2nd 2 Darlyn Mendoza Lander Campo 5 Darlyn Mendoza Darlyn Mendoza Darlyn Mendoza
3rd 1 Egoitz Campo Darlyn Mendoza 4 Andi Erromo Andi Erromo Andi Erromo
4th 3 Daniel Barrentos Daniel Barrentos Luis Getxo
5th 2 Luis Getxo Luis Getxo Daniel Barrentos
6th 1 Lander Campo Lander Campo Lander Campo


1st Egoitz Campo 22 points Basque Country
2nd Darlyn Mendoza 18 points Basque Country
3rd Andi Erromo 12 points Basque Country
4th Daniel Barrientos 8 points Basque Country
= Lander Campo 8 points Basque Country
6th Luis Getxo 7 points Basque Country


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