Seventh Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000

On Tuesday 2 April 2024, Eusko-Retro Association organized the 7th Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000. The truth is that we never get tired of playing this old console; even more so since we couldn't get this new one that plugs in via SCART. The image is good. That day before playing Interton we played TRS-80, Sega Master System and Sega Megadrive, good machines also. We played to Football, Paddle, Hunting and Tanks Battle (also aircraft game). After summer I will try to buy a new game(s) to include them in next year's tournament.

We started playing Football from cartridge #3. For this first we decided to play single matches, not a tournament. Andoni beat Egoitz, but then Egoitz won one match. Andi also won a match. Then we played Paddle from the same cartridge. Interesting game. Here Egoitz won two matches and Andoni another one. The next game was Tank Battle; classic game in our tournaments. Great battles and many laughs. Andoni again beat Egoitz and then Egoitz won two tank battles (including an aircraft battle against Joseba). Finally we played Hunting; a great game where the objective is to shoot the birds and get more points than your rival. There are 40 points at stake. We play in pairs. Here Egoitz was the one with the most points, winning one game and drawing another.

It was a nice tournament. The next tournament will possibly be in August. We don't know if we will play MPT-03 or buy a Tele-Fever.


Place Points Football (Olympics) Points Paddle (Olympics) Points Tank Battle Hunting
1st 6 Andoni Mariezkurrena 5 Egoitz Campo 4 Egoitz Campo Egoitz Campo
2nd 5 Andi Erromo 4 Andoni Mariezkurrena 3 Andoni Mariezkurrena Joseba Zubiaurre
3rd 4 Egoitz Campo 3 Andi Erromo 2 Mikel Torde Andoni Mariezkurrena
4th 3 Mikel Torde 2 Joseba Zubiaurre 1 Joseba Zubiaurre Mikel Torde
5th 2 Joseba Zubiaurre 1 Mikel Torde


1st Egoitz Campo 17 points Basque Country
2nd Andoni Mariezkurrena 15 points Basque Country
3rd Joseba Zubiaurre 8 points Basque Country
= Andi Erromo 8 points Basque Country
5th Mikel Torde 7 points Basque Country


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