Second Christmas Basque Tournament of Radofin 1292

On Friday 22 December 2023, Eusko-Retro Association organized the 2nd Christmas Basque Tournament of Radofin 1292. 7 players met in Bilbao (Basque Country) in the pub called "Jofer", in Santutxu. After playing Commodore 64, PC Engine, Watara Supervision and Neo Geo CD, we finished the retro afternoon with the Radofin 1292.

Radofin is very similar to the Interton but we have different games so we will continue organizing different tournaments of both consoles. We played four games: Football in Olympics videogame, Air Sea/Battle, Spider's Web and Invaders. It should be noted that in the Football game there was a qualifying tournament and in the Spider's web each player played until they lost a life. Not having much time we did it this way.

Egoitz was the winner of the tournament after playing very well in both the Football game and the Air Sea/Battle. In Spider's Web and Invaders, Luis was the one with the best score but Egoitz achieved more points at the end of the tournament. The other players also did well and liked this console.

The idea is to organize the 7th Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000 in April 2023 if all goes well.


Place Points Football (Olympics) Place Points Air/Sea Battle Place Points Spider's Web Points Invaders
1st 4 Egoitz Campo 1st 5 Egoitz Campo 1st 5 Luis Villamor (223) 4 Luis Villamor (59)
2nd 3 Luis Villamor = 5 Jonathan 2nd 4 Joseba Zubiaurre (179) 3 Egoitz Campo (37)
3rd 2 Samuel Otero 3rd 3 Joseba Zubiaurre 3rd 3 Egoitz Campo (98) 2 Samuel Otero (19)
4th 1 Jonathan 4th 2 Alain Ibañez de Opakua 4th 2 Jonathan (9) 1 Daniel Barrientos (5)
5th 1 Samuel Otero 5th 1 Samuel Otero (0)


1st Egoitz Campo 15 points Basque Country
2nd Luis Villamor 12 points Basque Country
3rd Jonathan 8 points Ecuador
4th Joseba Zubiaurre 7 points Basque Country
5th Samuel Otero 6 points Basque Country
6th Alain Ibañez de Opakua 3 points Basque Country
7th Daniel Barrientos 1 point Basque Country


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