Third Basque Tournament of MPT-03

On Wednesday 16 August 2023, we organized the Third Basque Tournament of MPT-03. We gathered 4 players in Bilbao (Basque Country) in the pub called "Cafe Berria". Before playing MPT-03 we played ZX Spectrum, Atari 2600 and Philips CD-i. Then we started playing MPT-03.

First we started playing Space Squadron and after playing two games the player who got more points was Egoitz, but Daniel scored very well, close to Egoitz. Nibblemen, a funny game, and the best of my collection, was the second and last game. Again, Egoitz and Daniel made a very even score but Egoitz won by very few points difference.

We wanted to play the third game we have, Bowling, but the image was not visible.

The winner of the tournament was Egoitz. The idea is to buy a new console; Tele-Fever or Schmid to replace this MPT-03, which really doesn't work well.


Place Points Space Squadron Points Nibblemen
1st 3 Egoitz Campo (75) 4 Egoitz Campo (2880)
2nd 2 Daniel Barrientos (55) 3 Daniel Barrientos (2790)
3rd 1 Jon Ander Gil (15) 2 Jon Ander Gil (300)
4th 1 Lander Campo (250)


1st Egoitz Campo 7 points Basque Country
2nd Daniel Barrientos 5 points Basque Country
3rd Jon Ander Gil 3 points Basque Country
4th Lander Campo 1 point Basque Country


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