Sixth Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000

On Tuesday 4 April 2023, Eusko-Retro Association organized the Sixth Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000, another tournament of this vintage machine. We had a really good time. 7 players met in the Aldaketa Bar in Santutxu, Bilbao, Basque Country and we finished that vintage afternoon playing Interton. Before that we played other machines: Amstrad, TRS-80, MSX and 3DO.

We connected all the cables, then I put the cartridge in and the turned the TV on, but since the image couldn't be seen I took out the cartridge, blew, turned it on again and this time the image was clear. We played Football, Hunting and Tank Battle.

We started playing Football from cartridge #3. For this first we decided to make a tournament. The two of the three winners with the best average played last. In the final Daniel and Egoitz played an interesting match but Egoitz won 3-0.

Then we played Hunting. There we played in pairs again and again, with great luck, Egoitz won again, scoring 31 points in his match against Maximo. Lander and Unai also won their games but with 31 and 21 points respectively. To end the tournament, because the bar was closed immediately, we played the game of Tank Battle; another classic in our Interton tournaments. Again Egoitz managed to destroy more tanks than his rivals although Joseba, Maximo and Lander also won their battles.

It was a good tournament, a lot of fun and a great time. The idea is to play in August the Third Basque Tournament of MPT-03 and if I buy a Macintosh do the same with the new machine in December.


Place Points Football Hunting Tank Battle
1st 6 Egoitz Campo Egoitz Campo Egoitz Campo
2nd 5 Daniel Barrientos Lander Campo Joseba Zubiaurre
3rd 4 Unai Perez Unai Perez Maximo Kulachenok
4th 3 Lander Campo Joseba Zubiaurre Lander Campo
5th 2 Joseba Zubiaurre Samuel Otero Samuel Otero
6th 1 Samuel Otero Maximo Kulachenok Daniel Barrientos


1st Egoitz Campo 18 points Basque Country
2nd Lander Campo 11 points Basque Country
3rd Joseba Zubiaurre 9 points Basque Country
4th Unai Perez 8 points Basque Country
5th Daniel Barrientos 6 points Basque Country
6th Samuel Otero 5 points Basque Country
= Maximo Kulachenok 5 points Basque Country


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