First Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000

In February 2020 we played the first Basque Tournament of Interton VC 4000. In total eight players met and we enjoyed it a lot. Although it is a old console, and the videogames are simple, I have to recognize that they are so fun and addictive. We gathered on two days: Unai, Darlyn and Egoitz, at Unai's home in Bilbao on Wednesday, and Egoitz and five other enthusiastic players at Egoitz's home in Derio on Friday.

We played five games in total: two games on cartridge nº 3 (Paddle Games) (football and tennis), Tank Battle (nº 4), Hunting (nº 12) and Boxing Match (nº 18).

We will gather again in June to play another tournament.


Place Points Football (Paddle Games) Points Tennis (Paddle Games) Tank Battle Points Hunting Points Boxing Match
1st 7 Carlos Molina 8 Egoitz Campo Egoitz Campo 6 Mikel Montiel 3 Unai Castellano
2nd 6 Darlyn Mendova 7 Carlos Molina Darlyn Mendova 5 Egoitz Campo 2 Darlyn Mendova
3rd 5 Julen Aldai 6 Ander Lopez Monica Vaqueiro 4 Ander Lopez 1 Egoitz Campo
4th 4 Egoitz Campo 5 Monica Vaqueiro Carlos Molina 3 Darlyn Mendova
5th 3 Mikel Montiel 4 Unai Castellano Ander Lopez 2 Carlos Molina
6th 2 Unai Castellano 3 Darlyn Mendova Julen Aldai 1 Unai Castellano
7th 1 Ander Lopez 2 Mikel Montiel Mikel Montiel
8th 1 Julen Aldai Unai Castellano


1st Egoitz Campo 26 points Basque Country
2nd Carlos Molina 21 points Spain
= Darlyn Mendoza 21 points Basque Country
4th Ander Lopez 15 points Basque Country
5th Mikel Montiel 13 points Basque Country
6th Unai Castellano 11 points Basque Country
= Monica Vaqueiro 11 points Basque Country
8th Julen Aldai 9 points Basque Country


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